FetchPlanner is a complete system for your sanitation activities.

The system includes functions for planning, monitoring and quality assurance of transport within the sanitation sector with the aid of functions such as route optimisation, container management and apps for vehicles.

There is great focus on the functions for deviation management and quality assurance, as efficient management of these areas helps to save time and money.

Mobile software is available for vehicle computers and tablets/mobile phones (Android).

The mobile units communicate with the office via 3G/4G, and so upcoming daily routes are sent out automatically. It is also possible to track the vehicles from the office, as details of job implementation, e.g. deviations and photos, are submitted on an ongoing basis.

Scales and identification equipment using bar codes and RFID can be linked to the mobile software. B&M also offers a flexible hand scanner for RFID & bar codes, a practical option for putting out bins or container replacement, etc.

Users can also gain easy access to information in the system through a web client, FetchPlanner NX, showing a clear live view of how the day’s rounds are progressing by means of status symbols, text information and markings on a map.

FetchPlanner NX also has modules for customer service staff and key account login; for example, allowing a property company to only view their containers and when they will be emptied, history and any deviations.

Our licence models make implementation of the system flexible and fully adaptable to the size and needs of your organisation.

The FetchPlanner system consists of 3 components:

  • FetchPlanner Office Client (incl. route optimisation)
  • FetchPlanner Mobile, vehicle clients (Windows or Android)
  • FetchPlanner NX, web login

Options are available for integration with business systems and operational services.

A selection of key functions in FetchPlanner:

  • Advanced route optimisation
  • Container management
  • Support for RFID tags & bar codes
  • Quality assurance and deviation management with photos & signatures
  • lexible integration solutions
  • Simple and cost-effective vehicle solutions using apps that can run on any mobile unit (e.g. a smartphone or tablet)
  • Easily-accessible information via web access, showing current status of the day’s rounds, for example
  • Functionality for sending SMS and e-mail to subscribers

Feel free to contact us on: fetchplanner@bmsystem.se to find out more, or why not book a demo with us?

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The current version of FetchPlanner is 5.9.11, please contact our support to book an upgrade of your environment!

FetchPlanner user conference 2018
This year’s user conference will be in Borgholm Öland, on April 26-27.

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