BM Timber Logistic System

BM Timber Logistic System

A transport management system specially adapted for the transport of timber

The BM TIMBER LOGISTICS SYSTEM™ is a transport management system specially adapted for the transport of timber. It covers the areas of transport ordering, planning, management, implementation, tracking, and follow-up.

With our intelligent BM Timber Logistics System™ management system, all timber transport work can be digitalised. Every last detail about planned felling sites, timber orders, current road conditions, etc. is automatically uploaded from the forest company’s data centres and presented to the supervisor. This data is compared with orders from recipients, such as paper mills, which require the delivery of monthly volumes of specific assortments. All information is used as a basis for planning the transports to be carried out by associated hauliers. It is important that the transports be carried out as efficiently as possible, with minimal mileage and on roads approved for this type of heavy traffic. But it is also important to distribute the assignments fairly between the company’s carriers.

The truck uses a specially developed software with a digital map that allows the driver to get an overview of her/his transport assignments and receive help with finding stacking locations. As soon as the timber has been picked up in the forest, the reception location is notified of the assortment, amount and approximate time at which the transport will arrive for measurement. Later, when the truck arrives at the reception location, an arrival notification is sent indicating how far it has driven. A receipt of completed transport is then generated by the recipient. The trucks are continuously positioned, making it possible to control and manage activities while also increasing the safety of drivers in the event of an accident.
We have been working with timber transport management systems since 2001 and have continuously developed our system in close collaboration with our customers. This has yielded user-friendly user interfaces and features that work in practice and which are quick and easy to use for both supervisors and carriers.

The system consists of the following programme modules

  • BM Timber Logistics System™ – Basic system for transport department
  • BM Timber Web™ – Web client for the overall presentation of current information
  • BM Timber™ – Mobile client for carriers