DI Gazelle company

B&M was named a Gazelle company in 2012 by Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri.

Dagens Industri’s description:

Sweden needs growth, and Sweden’s entrepreneurs need inspiring role models. Accordingly, Dagens Industri nominates the fastest-growing companies in the country as Gazelle companies.

The Gazelle concept was coined by American researcher David Birch. Back in the 1980s he showed that it is the small fast-growing companies that create the most jobs, unlike the elephants of the economy that constantly have to streamline and often reduce employment.

Moreover, Gazelles differ from the very smallest companies that simply work to make a living and do not in the first place strive to grow.

Gazelles are the dynamic intermediate layer of the business world. But the criteria are tough. Fewer than 0.5 per cent of all Swedish limited companies are named annually as Gazelle companies.