B&M Systemutveckling

B&M Systemutveckling AB is an Uppsala-based software company founded in 1991.

Our operations comprise development and marketing of our own products along with consultancy activities and project management. Our specialist expertise is in the fields of GIS, mobile data communication and positioning technology. The company boasts a high level of expertise, with all system developers holding engineering degrees or equivalent.

B&M originated from the defence industry, but today most of our customers are within the civil sector and we supply systems used within the transport, service and security industries as well as road maintenance and waste management.

Our systems are based on positioning using GPS, mobile data communication and presentation of information on digital maps. Other important elements of our systems are quality assurance, route optimisation, order management and ongoing monitoring

B&M Systemutveckling AB is owned and run by founders Per Bergström and Lars Mauritzson.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our products.