BM Surveillance System

Alarm and surveillance system for people and vehicles

The BM SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM™ is our renowned alarm and surveillance system for people and vehicles. The system includes modules for handling personal alarms, for surveillance, and for managing the transport of money and valuables.

We started by developing battle command systems for the Swedish Armed Forces, and then became the first in the world to supply GPS-based surveillance systems for civilian use. Today Sweden’s largest emergency service centres – both military and civilian – are among our customers. The BM System has set the standard for how alarms from mobile devices should be sent to emergency service centres, and we have worked with most of the communication channels and alarm terminals on the market.

Systems that deal with personal safety must be reliable. This applies to the entire chain – from the alarm terminal that initiates an alarm, to the radio network that delivers it and finally the reception system that must always be ready to receive and process the alarm. Our extensive experience of how to design alarms/GPS terminals and our knowledge about how different communication networks can be used to safely deliver critical data are essential to our ability to deliver stable and reliable alarm and surveillance systems.

When installing the system for a new user, we first go through your current needs and review the entire solution, so that every link in the chain will most likely work around the clock, 365 days a year. Then our IT experts take over and help you deploy the programme system with the desired logic and full redundancy in your high-security data centre. During day-to-day operations, cases are processed by our experienced support department, which can quickly escalate the case to a higher authority if necessary.

Alarm Management – Personal alarms.
Personal alarms are carried by persons who may be in a vulnerable situation involving some kind of threat against them, but they are also used by people who work alone in jobs involving a risk of accidents and who must be able to get help quickly. The personal alarm usually contains one or more location services (GPS/Galileo/Glonass/GSM/WiFi/RF tag), a GSM module, an alarm button and a logic unit of varying degrees of sophistication. Sometimes it can be advantageous for certain logic to be located in the alarm terminal, and sometimes it is better to locate the logic in the surveillance system. In order to process incoming alarms quickly, efficiently and correctly, the alarm operator at the emergency services centre must have access to all necessary information about the object.

Transport surveillance – The transport of money and valuables
With the help of various sensors, transports can be monitored in detail and alarms can be activated automatically in the event of deviations from the norm. In addition to the surveillance itself, often the system must also process all the logic pertaining to which routes are to be driven and when, with which vehicles and with which personnel. In contrast with personal alarms, the mobile devices used here must often be continuously positioned – for example, in order for the surveillance system to be able to record any deviations in the route or timetable of the transport.

Monitoring Service – Monitoring people with ankle bracelets
We have developed a version of our system that is specifically adapted for the monitoring of people outfitted with electronic ankle bracelets. In the system, the person can be monitored both indoors and outdoors using positioning technology and radio transmitters built into the ankle bracelet. Detailed calendar schedules can be set up for each individual, with geographical areas that she/he is permitted to visit at different times of the day and defined routes that must be used for transports between these locations.

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