BM Optimisation Services

BM Optimisation Services

Optimization holds significant potential and can be applied to a variety of areas to maximize its effectiveness.

About BM Optimisation Services

Optimisation has significant potential and can be applied in a variety of areas to maximise efficiency.

We have extensive experience in developing advanced route optimisation algorithms. We have developed this expertise both internally and in close collaboration with Uppsala University.

What distinguishes our algorithms from other solutions is that we integrate the optimisation functionality into the management systems in a user-friendly way, have support for processing applications with more complex requirements and we can also use data from e.g. IoT sensors or weather forecasts as input parameters for real-time optimisation.

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Efficient optimisation services for sustainable transport and logistics systems

Our optimisation services are used in our own products for waste transport, road maintenance work and tailor-made transport and logistics systems.
Optimisation has great potential to reduce environmental impacts and costs in transport and logistics.

We distinguish between static and dynamic optimisation. Static optimisation is used for predetermined routes that are reused, while dynamic optimisation creates new routes based on real-time information. This is made possible by our fast algorithms and handling of large amounts of information.

Artificial intelligence is at the heart of our optimisation models, driven by the analysis of historical data to learn the optimal path forward. By continuously refining decisions and actions, we strengthen the efficiency and accuracy of our algorithms.