BM Hospital Logistics System

BM Hospital Logistics System

The BM HOSPITAL LOGISTICS SYSTEM™ is a transport management system specially adapted for transport and logistics work at hospitals.

About BM Hospital Logistics System

Karolinska Hospital started digitalising its patient transport system in 2005. Together with other regions, we have now driven forward development and today’s system efficiently handles all types of transport assignments for both small and large hospitals.

The BM Hospital Logistics System digitises the entire process, eliminating verbal orders and unnecessary paperwork. All information is entered once and is delivered to the relevant person at the right time.

Dedicated transporters can easily report completed assignments with their smartphones with statistics and invoice data generated automatically. This automation minimises errors and increases efficiency, allowing for the handling of more assignments per day with the same resources.

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BM Hospital Logistics System

The software system is scalable, ideal for the country’s largest hospitals as well as for small remote care homes. The system supports both central operations and separate services for different hospitals and transport departments within the region. For example, a single transport manager can manage multiple hospitals at the same time, even if the orders are directed to specific hospitals.

Add-on modules

Internal transport and logistics

Tour management module

Freight tracking module

Efficient and user-friendly

The system features are tailored to the needs of the activities, resulting in user-friendly interfaces and convenient features.

Digital working methods allow efficient information management and secure and traceable transports, as well as clear working methods and areas of responsibility. Dedicated transporters handle the logistics, freeing up valuable time for healthcare professionals to devote to patient care.

In complex businesses with different assignments, customers and delivery locations, the system creates order and improves the work environment for personnel.