BM Hospital Logistic Service

A transport management system specially adapted for transport and logistics work at hospitals

The BM HOSPITAL LOGISTICS SYSTEM™ is a transport management system specially adapted for transport and logistics work at hospitals. It covers the areas of transport order planning, management, and execution, as well as the tracking, follow-up and invoicing of patient and goods transports.

It all started back in 2005, when Karolinska Hospital wanted to digitalise its patient transport system. Since then, we have collaborated with our customers to drive the development forward at a rapid pace, and today’s solution covers most types of work transport and logistics work for hospitals of every size. The system is currently used by most hospitals in the Stockholm, Uppsala and Värmland regions.

With our intelligent BM Hospital Logistics System™ management system, everything can be digitalised. You’ll be spared the hassle of placing verbal orders over the phone, as well as all unnecessary paperwork. All order details need only be entered once – after that they will continue to be delivered to the right person at the right time. The carrier can easily generate action histories for performed assignments. With a simple tap on a smartphone screen, statistics/invoice documents are created automatically. This minimises the risk of errors, while simultaneously streamlining work and making it possible to process more assignments per day with the same resources.

The introduction of the system is surprisingly quick and easy. Within 4-6 weeks you will have the basic system up and running, and can then start to considerably lighten the workload of your order reception team. We usually think of the launch process as a three-stage rocket. In the first step, we help you get the right information into the system – addresses, carriers and the initial services you wish to offer your customers. In step two, the deployment takes place with the installation of the programme system and personnel training. Of course, the final step comes when you start to use the system – but most importantly, it also involves working to continuously improve it and to incorporate more and more services that need to be digitalised. That’s where our experienced business consultants come in handy – they possess a wealth of knowledge about how other hospitals work.

The BM Hospital Logistics System™ is a highly scalable programme system that can be used by the country’s largest hospitals, but also by small, outsourced care locations where there may only be one attendant who works part-time and manages his own jobs. The system is usually operated centrally, and separate services (sites) are created for the region’s various hospitals and transport departments. For example, this means that the transport orders are submitted to a particular hospital, but the same transport manager can process the orders of several hospitals at the same time.

The system consists of a basic service and a number of additional modules

Our transport management system for internal transports at hospitals has been developed over the past 15 years in close collaboration with Sweden’s largest hospitals. Its features are fully adapted to the needs of the business. This means that it has user friendly interfaces and features that work in practice, and which are quick and easy to use – no matter whether the user is an orderer, a supervisor, or a carrier.

The introduction of a digital way of working doesn’t merely ensure that all information is processed properly and that transports are safe and traceable. Work methods, workflows, and responsibilities also become clearer when systems can help control who should do what, and when. In businesses like these, which have many different types of assignments and where there are many different customers and delivery locations, it is especially important to get the business in order and create a better working environment for the staff.