BM FetchPlanner System

BM FetchPlanner® System

BM FETCHPLANNER® is a complete management system for the environmental and sanitation industry. The system is focused on digitalization, automation and optimization.

About BM FetchPlanner® System

FetchPlanner was created in 1999 based on a simple desire to be able to visualise garbage cans on a map.

Since then, we have worked together with our customers to develop and refine FetchPlanner into an advanced but simple system that helps our customers to digitalise and quality-assure their daily work.

The system will give your transport organisation, financial department and customer service the tool needed to easily and efficiently perform their tasks. The system digitises workflow and includes, among other things, functions for management, execution, quality assurance and invoicing, and can be integrated into other systems.

FetchPlanner is currently used in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

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Quality assurance and automation with BM FetchPlanner® System

FetchPlanner includes features for planning, follow-up and quality assurance of assignments and transports within the sanitation sector with the aid of features such as route optimisation, container management and apps for vehicles.

FetchPlanner automates all the work from planning to invoicing, helping you save both time and money.

Naturally, we also aim to help you transition away from paper documents and leverage the added value of digitalisation!

Business support for BM FetchPlanner® System

We provide experienced help with, e.g., project management, procurement, business support and implementation of route optimisation, as well as support in your daily operations.

The introduction of a digital way of working does not merely ensure that all information is processed properly and that routes and assignments are optimised and traceable. Work methods, workflows, and responsibilities also become clearer when systems can help control who should do what, and when.

Here at BM System, we possess extensive experience and knowledge in the industry and are able to offer you the support you need to attain efficient, smooth and clear work processes in FetchPlanner for all your employees.

FetchPlanner NX 

FetchPlanner NX offers all your office personnel easy access to the system through a web client.

You can customise access, rights and appearance of your users based on their job roles and tasks.

The views your transport managers require are available in a system to be able to plan, optimise the route and follow up on the implementation. Our situation view provides a clear picture of the active routes in real time. The day’s work is presented in bright colours and status symbols, with information taken from your vehicles.

FetchPlanner – My pages

Your end customers can log in to “My Pages” and gain easy access to information, e-services, manage their information and create cases directly to your customer service.

App for vehicles — FetchPlanner Mobile

FetchPlanner is available for tablets and mobile phones with the Android operating system. Your drivers get a clear dispatch list with map images.

Scales and identification equipment with RFID readers can be connected to the mobile software so that the emptying is automatically registered directly into the system. Drivers only need to enter any deviations in the dispatch list.

Add-on modules


Route Optimization

Case Management

My Pages

BM FetchPlanner® System working methods for system development

FetchPlanner has been developed in collaboration with our customers for more than 20 years. We strive to create an advanced system that is easy to use and learn.