BM Application Platform

Reliable and powerful application platform

The BM APPLICATION PLATFORM™ is our reliable and powerful application platform that we use to quickly and efficiently develop intelligent business and management systems related to transport, service or distribution mobility.

Every business is unique. Building an IT system that supports many different types of businesses is challenging, and the traditional idea is to allow customers (or their consultants) to spend hundreds or even thousands of hours setting up general systems so that they ultimately suit their needs to a reasonable extent – though never fully. We take the opposite approach. We are better than our customers at building systems, and can develop our services to precisely fulfil your needs – with no compromises. With our flexible platform and skilled developers, we can quickly develop system services that incorporate new, customised clients, apps, and a business logic that is fully adapted to your reality. This prevents the systems from becoming unnecessarily large and complex, and we’re happy to deliver them as a cloud service that we operate for you.

With modern tools, it’s possible to digitalise every type of activity. The most important thing is that all important information must be available to those who need it, when they need it – and that the information remain traceable and accessible even after the work has been performed. This requires stable systems and a well-planned workflow, but above all it demands simple and user-friendly clients that your staff can (and want to) use, both for input and presentation.
Once all your information is digitalised, there are great opportunities to streamline operations while simultaneously increasing quality. That’s where our expertise comes in handy. After all, a computer is much better than a human at calculating optimal routes, scheduling resources, or remembering and recalling important actions that need to be performed. Work becomes more structured and errors and mistakes are minimised.

Our platform is especially useful when you have people, vehicles or goods out in the field that must be planned, managed and followed up. The platform has ready-made application modules for, e.g. communication, app management, digital maps, and route optimisation, as well as a stable and reliable infrastructure that is built to handle a lot of traffic. We are also highly accustomed to connecting to other programme systems in order to retrieve or submit data via every possible type of interface.

A typical project starts with a feasibility study, during which our experienced business consultants review your needs and wishes and provide advice and tips on how to change your work methods and flows. Next, we draft a complete proposal with specifications and time estimates, as well as a calendar schedule. As soon as you place your order, one of our project managers takes over and collaborates with your company on the development project, including deployment. Then you can start using your new services, and an exciting journey begins as we follow, assist and support you with continuous improvements to the system.

In addition to our extensive experience in the development of work order systems, we are experts in mobility, positioning and GIS. Our developers also have broad knowledge in the area of optimisation and AI; we are even engaged in an in-depth collaboration with the optimisation team at Uppsala University.

Please contact us for an initial, commitment-free discussion on how we can help you digitalise and streamline your business!