About us

We work to digitise workflows and optimise operations

What we do

We work to digitise workflows and optimise operations to make life easier for our customers. Our aim is to maximise the use of available resources, provide complete access to accurate information and quickly compile financial data for follow-up and invoicing.

Our intelligent management systems are built the latest technology in positioning, mobility and geographic information systems, with a focus on reliability and ease of use.

Our core is deep knowledge and responsiveness to our customer’s industries, and we pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability. Our extensive expertise makes us one of the leading players in the market.

How is started

The year was 1991 when two passionate entrepreneurs jointly founded the software company BM System. The company has its roots in the defence industry, initially developing command and control systems for the army and GPS-based alarm receiving systems for the security industry. Since then, BM System has developed into a leading player in management systems for transport, service and maintenance operations in Sweden. Our head office is located in Uppsala, Sweden

Our products and services extend beyond Sweden’s borders and today, our customers are located in several countries, such as Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and England. With steady growth and a strong presence in the area of digitalisation and innovation, BM System continues to be a reliable partner for organisations striving to optimise their operations.

Our heart is in the right place

This is us

Evolution – We adapt quickly to new circumstances but retain the essence of what has made us successful. We constantly push the limits of what is possible and strive for continuous improvement and new innovations.

Security – We deliver reliable systems that make the world a little better and a little safer. We are honest with ourselves and our customers, and we are a trustworthy supplier. We are a stable company, a safe workplace and a large scale partner for our customers.

Commitment – Our driving force lies in the creation of groundbreaking systems that benefit society. We are energised by challenges and never shy away from problems.